Hi, we are FitBites®, and we're assuming if you're on this page, you'd like to know a little bit more about us.

FitBites® is low-calorie protein cheesecake that tastes like traditional cheesecake. Our loyal fans tell us we taste even BETTER. FitBites® has created an entirely new category of can’t-stop-snacking protein cheesecake that everyone can feel good about.

Why did we want to make cheesecake you can feel good about? Because we LOVE to eat cheesecake. Our founders were tired of looking, but never tasting, delicious slices of cheesecake.

No matter how badly we wanted to, we knew we couldn’t eat regular cheesecake without feeling guilty. That minute of deliciousness would cause us days of regret. Just like that, an idea was born! What if we could eat cheesecake and not feel any guilt? What if we could make cheesecake work for you rather than against you? We wondered, is such a thing even possible? “No” they said. “It can’t be done.” But with 190 calories and 20 grams of protein, we made the impossible, possible.

Now with FitBites® we eat cheesecake every day. And we’ve never been happier. We hope you’ll join us on our cheesecake eating journey.

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